Palimony for Unmarried Couples

Our team can help you obtain financial support.

Although there are many laws regarding spousal support, our Los Angeles divorce lawyers provide legal representation for cohabitating, unmarried couples when disputes arise between them.

Parties who were never married may find themselves in a situation at the break up of a relationship where property and financial issues arise that require professional attention.

Palimony is the conventional name given to such issues but in reality they are contract issues. Civil courts can review the division of financial assets and property, and issues will be resolved in accordance with contract law. Whether an agreement was written or verbal, our attorneys at Oddenino Law Group have experience representing parties on either side of such matters.

Call our Los Angeles family law and litigation lawyers at (626) 447-5454 today!

Call our Los Angeles family law and litigation lawyers at (626) 447-5454 today!

The attorneys at Oddenino Law Group have been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ as AV Preeminent®, which is the highest distinction a lawyer can receive for demonstrating exceptional professionalism and legal insight. When you retain our attorneys, you can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. We can be by your side through every stage of the palimony process, and provide the formidable legal counsel you need.

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Michael L. Oddenino enjoys experience in winning a palimony jury trial. Actual experience in litigating a palimony case is indispensable for good representation in your matter. Call us and get the experienced counsel you deserve.