Legal Separation

Legal Separation

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For couples who wish to live apart and decide on money, property, and child-rearing, a legal arrangement is available in California known as a legal separation when they also do not wish to get divorced. No matter your reasons for not wanting to divorce, a legal separation allows for a judge to make orders on child support, alimony, and custody just as in a divorce. If you are considering a legal separation, speak first with our Los Angeles family law attorneys to discuss your options.

At Oddenino Law Group, our legal team routinely puts our extensive experience to good use on our client’s behalf. As an AV® Preeminent rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell®, you can trust that we can bring you the legal advice you need to achieve your goals during this time. We understand what you are going through and work to help you make choices that will let you feel satisfied with your separation agreement.

We Help with the Details of Your Separation

Separating couples may obtain a separation agreement, but unlike getting a legal separation itself, this does not require you going to court. Our Los Angeles divorce lawyer can help you hammer out the details of your separation and protect your rights.

Separation agreements address and govern all relevant parts of the separation such as:

  • Where and with whom any children will live
  • How the couple will pay living expenses such as rent, taxes, healthcare costs, and groceries
  • Who will pay child support or alimony
  • How the couple will manage assets such as bank accounts or investments during separation
  • If any property will be divided
  • How post-separation property and income will be treated

These decisions and the agreement can take place at home, with a mediator, or through both spouse’s attorneys if needed. It is usually best to have an attorney look over and draft an agreement so your rights are upheld at all times.

Get the Legal Counsel You Need

With a legal separation, you do not need to meet the state residency requirement which is needed for a divorce. If you do not meet the requirements for divorce and wish to pursue one, a separation may be a good first step to this end. It should be noted that you may not remarry without obtaining a proper divorce.

While you are not required to obtain legal representation for a separation, there is a good deal of paperwork and time spent dealing with the courts to obtain one and an Los Angeles legal separation lawyer can help make the entire process run smoothly and can be more cost effective in the long run.

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