Domestic Violence

Were You The Victim of Domestic Violence? Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Find Out How You Could Benefit from the Legal Advocacy of Oddenino Law Group

Find Out How You Could Benefit from the Legal Advocacy of Oddenino Law Group

At Oddenino Law Group, our attorneys have served hundreds of clients who have been the victims of domestic violence in the state of California. We know how to investigate the circumstances, facts, and evidence concerning your particular case and develop a strategic protection plan. Our Los Angeles divorce lawyers know the emotions and stress involved in any domestic violence, divorce, and family law case which is why we work hard to present your case in a timely manner.

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Domestic violence laws in the state of California make it illegal to threaten physical harm or use physical force against a family member, partner, or child.

The most common domestic violence crimes are:

  • Domestic battery
  • Child abuse
  • Corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant
  • Child endangerment
  • Elder abuse
  • Criminal threats

At Oddenino Law Group, we are here to help you seek an order of protection and use the domestic violence charge to help your divorce or child custody matter. With decades of experience in both state and federal courts, our attorneys work tirelessly to support our clients every step of the way and provide competent and reliable legal support no matter what the situation. Call us at (626) 447-5454 to learn more about us and the legal services we provide.

Our Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Seek Justice

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