Suffer a Dog Bite?

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California holds dog owners responsible for any bite as soon as ownership begins under the state’s strict liability laws, so long as the dog was not provoked and the victim was not trespassing. If you were bitten, you are not required to prove any negligence on the owner’s part. You could be eligible to recover compensation for your dog bite injuries, so speak with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to begin your case.

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How do dog bite statutes work?

Unlike some states, there is no “one-bite” rule for California dogs which means a dog does not need to have shown any prior aggressive behavior for the owner to be liable. All that is needed to be shown is that the dog was owned by the defendant and the dog bit you while you were on private property lawfully.

Significant caveats to these guidelines include:

  • A child under 5 cannot be considered to have provoked a dog
  • Provocation cannot be assumed when a child was following their parents’ instruction
  • Provocation is the inflicting of pain on the dog which justifies aggressive behavior
  • Monetary damages for the victim can be reduced by their degree of negligence
  • A dog bite case cannot be followed if the victim is an employee of the dog owner and is bitten on the job

A dog keeper or handler can be held liable for a victim’s injuries, but not under the strict liability statute. A keeper or handler needs to have some prior knowledge of the dog’s prior behavior before they can be held liable.

Get Compensation for Your Dog Bite Injury

If you were bitten by a family member or neighbor’s dog, you may be eligible for financial damages to cover your medical expenses. So long as you were not trespassing or provoked the animal, our Los Angeles dog bite injury attorneys can file a case to recover compensation for your medical bills and any lost pay from work.

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