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What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

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Resolving a child support issue is often one of the most complicated and difficult parts of settling a divorce. When parents don’t agree on what is best for their child or children, the divorce process can be much longer, expensive, and difficult on everyone involved.

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At Oddenino Law Group, our goal is to help each client understand his or her rights and responsibilities throughout the child support process. Our California divorce lawyers have many years of combined experience, giving us an extensive familiarity of the California family law system and child support cases. Do not hesitate to retain our immediate representation – we serve clients throughout California, including Los Angeles Pasadena, San Marino and Arcadia.

We Would Be Proud To Represent Your Rights

We Would Be Proud To Represent Your Rights

We are committed to communicating clearly with each of our clients. We will answer all your questions and provide trusted assistance every step of the way. Additionally, our team will address any concerns that you may have regarding courtroom procedures. According to California state law, each parent in a divorce is equally responsible for providing for the needs of his or her child / children. This obligation can be enforced with a court order for support after the court establishes paternity.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the child support process to help you:

  • Prepare all necessary state required forms
  • Understand how child support decisions are made
  • Gather your financial information to calculate child support
  • Understand court procedures for establishing and changing child support orders

Contact Our California Divorce Lawyers for a Consultation

Contact Our California Divorce Lawyers for a Consultation

Do not navigate through the complexities of the legal system without enlisting our supportive assistance. Our trusted family law attorneys have received the highest rating an attorney can receive. We are AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® and would be honored to handle your unique family law matter. We are fully qualified to provide you with the personalized legal solutions necessary for you to achieve your goals.

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